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The Symbolism of the Stupa

The Symbolism of the Stupa
Adrian Snodgrass
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An exhaustive, rigorous, and massive study examining the architecture of the stupa-a Buddhist symbolic form that is found throughout South, Southeast, and East Asia. The author, who trained as an architect, examines both the physical and metaphysical levels of these buildings. He notes that Buddhist history, ritual, mythology, and doctrine are incorporated into the symbolism of the stupa (meaning is inherent to an object in traditional Indian thought). He is particularly concerned with questions of methodology, since classical Indian thought (the author extends beyond Buddhist thought to examine Brahmanism) conceives of things as non-historical and atemporal. Includes beautifully reproduced black-and-white photographs. 1985. Revised edition 1988. 469 pages. Illustrations. (Oversized)

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