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Burma/Myanmar Research Forum: Critical Scholarship and the Politics of Transition



The forum is envisaged as the first of its kind, bringing together Burma/Myanmar scholars from across the US and internationally, to facilitate dialogue on new and emerging research, and to foster exchange between senior and emerging scholars.  The conference will feature an opening conference plenary with presentations from senior scholars, and discussion-intensive workshops of research in progress, with plenary speakers serving as discussants.  The forum will also serve as a platform for work in the performing and media arts, including a video installation and live performance art, as well as curated screenings of the latest independent films from Burma/Myanmar.

Registration to attend workshops of research-in-progress is now closed for non-Cornell affiliates.

While the review process for paper submissions has been completed, Cornell affiliates interested in attending the workshops may express their interest in participating to by October 1st. Due to the discussion-intensive nature of the workshops, these affiliates will be required to read and comment on papers before the conference, as well as commit to attending the full conference (workshops on Saturday 9-3pm and Sunday 9-1pm).

All are welcome to attend the following public events of the Research Forum. Please RSVP to by October 15th.


Friday, October 24th

Opening Conference Plenary

3-5 pm, Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia

From the Jetty

Curated Screenings of Burma/ Myanmar’s Independent Films

7-9 pm, Film Forum, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts


Saturday, October 25th

Performing Modernity: 

Video Installation 

Live Performance by Chaw Ei Thein

3:30pm, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

5:15pm, Reception at AD White House

5:30pm, Q & A session with artist


10/24/2014 - 3:00pm - 10/26/2014 - 1:00pm
Cornell University
Cornell Universtiy Southeast Asia Program
Contact Email:
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