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ISSI 2018: Understanding the Global Impacts of Climate Change


This year, the International Studies Summer Institute (ISSI) will examine ways to teach about climate change from a global perspective. Global climate change has been defined as the change in regional and global climate patterns due to the rise of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases resulting from human activity. These changes in climate patterns will cause shifts in weather patterns, sea levels to rise, and the presence of more damaging storms. For these reasons, climate change impacts not only ecosystems but it also has economic and social ramifications, including increased food insecurity and internal displacement. Some scholars also argue that climate change exacerbates social and political conflicts at local and regional levels.

At the ISSI, we will explore the ways in which climate change has impacted parts of Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. We will also highlight the research that is being done on finding solutions, both to mitigate the impacts and to stop global warming from continuing to happen. Within this framework, the workshop aims to assist teachers in finding ways students can investigate and analyze the impacts of climate change across the curriculum through the lens of area studies. Furthermore, we will highlight how local communities in Central New York have been “taking informed action” to address the impacts of climate change. Because of the nature of this theme, the 2018 ISSI will be suitable for elementary, middle, and high school teachers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

Hosted by Cornell's Southeast Asia Program and the Cornell-Syracuse South Asia Consortium on June 25 and 26, on the Cornell University campus in the Physical Sciences Building Room 401.

Sponsored by Cornell University’s Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Southeast Asia Program, South Asia Program, Institute for African Development, East Asia Program, Latin American Studies Program, and Cornell Institute for European Studies; Syracuse University’s South Asia Center and School of Education; the Teacher Professional Development Network of Central New York; TST-BOCES; and the U.S. Department of Education Title VI Program.

Registration is now open for this year's International Summer Studies Institute at the links below:

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