Indonesia Journal Subscriptions (Digital and Print)

Indonesia is available in print and digital formats. Subscription rates are customized for institutions of various sizes, for individuals, and for subscribers from developing countries.

Individual Subscriptions

Print Only for Individuals

Due to university rules regulating payments from individuals, all print copies of the journal are now sold separately (@US$30.00). Orders for printed copies of Indonesia for individuals are handled exclusively by our business partner Cornell University Press.

Click here to purchase print copies (this link will route you to Cornell University Press). All printed current and back issues of Indonesia are $30.00 each (applicable tax and shipping not included).

Digital Access Only for Individuals, One-year Subscription

  • US and International:      $75.00 per year (two issues)
  • Developing countries*:   $50.00 per year (two issues)

*Developing countries are defined as: China; and countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and the Middle East.

To order a Digital Access subscription for an individual, contact SEAP Publications at or by phone at 607-255-8038.

Unfortunately, combination subscriptions (Print and Digital Access) for individuals can not be purchased as a package. Print issues and Digital Access subscriptions must be purchased separately, as described above. 

Institutional Subscriptions

Digital Access Only or Digital Access and Print for Institutions

Digital Access and/or Print subscriptions for institutions are handled exclusively by our business partner JSTOR. JSTOR ( is the only place where institutional orders for Print and Digital Access can be processed. For details, an order form, or to make a purchase, contact:

2015 Subscription Prices (Institutions)

Classification* Digital Access Only Print and Digital Access**
University/college – very large $500.00 $540.00
University/college – large $450.00 $490.00
University/college – medium $290.00 $330.00
University/college – small $180.00 $210.00
University/college – very small $180.00 $210.00
Community College $170.00 $200.00
Museum $160.00 $180.00
Public Library $160.00 $180.00
Secondary School $160.00 $180.00
Government, Nonprofit org. $160.00 $180.00
Corporations, commercial enterprise $180.00 $210.00

*   Please confirm your institution’s classification with JSTOR when ordering.

** Institutions outside North America ordering Print and Digital Access subscriptions, please add US$8.00 for shipping.

Institutions may add the entire back run of digitized Indonesia journals (1966–present) to their Digital Access Only or Print and Digital Access subscription orders. For details, email

Print Only for Institutions (payment must be made by check):

Developing-country* institutions: $90.00
Small-size institutions (1-2,000 FTE): $120.00
Medium/Large-size institutions (2,001+ FTE): $220.00

*Developing countries are defined as: China; and countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and the Middle East.

Standard shipping is included in the above prices for institutions. If airmail/priority shipping is required, please add US$10.00 for domestic addresses or US$15.00 for international addresses.

Please send orders for institutional Print Only subscriptions along with payment (checks only, made payable to Cornell University) to:

SEAP Publications
Cornell University
95 Brown Road
Box 1004
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

For further information, call or write: