Graduate - SEASSI (Summer)

Criteria for Graduate Student Application - Summer

Summer 2015 for attendance at Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison June 15, 2015 through August 07, 2015

Applicant must:

  1. Be a graduate student at Cornell or another FLAS granting institution who a U. S. citizen or a U. S. permanent resident (in posession of a "Permanent Resident Card" or "green card") or,
  2. Be a graduate student accepted at Cornell to begin matriculation in the fall of 2014 who is a U. S. citizen or a U. S. permanent resident.
  3. Show potential for high academic achievement based on indicators such as grade point average, class ranking, or similar measures. Also taken into consideration are feasibility and seriousness of intent as demonstrated in the application responses.
  4. Agree to pursue full-time study at SEASSI in accordance with SEASSI policies in one of the following languages at the beginning level or above: Burmese, Hmong, Khmer, Indonesian, Filipino, Javanese, Lao, Thai, or Vietnamese as enrollments allow.
  5. Applications from graduate students in professional studies and the humanities are equally considered. These may include but are not limited to: public health, environmental sciences or engineering, human ecology or life sciences, applied economics, city and regional planning, development sociology, international agriculture, natural resources, science and technology, communication, journalism, or education.
  6. Applications for native speakers are less likely to be considered.
  7. Alternate fellows will be designated if all available fellowships are distributed and additional applicants are deemed qualified to receive a fellowship.
  8. Questions may be referred to Thamora Fishel or  or (607) 255-8902.
  9. For additional information regarding SEASSI please click here.

Summer 2015 FLAS fellowships provide:

Tuition and fees to attend Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) June 15, through August 07, 2015 and a stipend of $2,500. SEASSI is currently located at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Please note that SEAP and SEASSI both require applications to SEASSI to facilitate the highest possible acceptance and enrollment in this intensive summer language program.

  • Two to Three Graduate Student Fellowships to study Burmese, Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Javanese, Khmer, Lao, Thai or Vietnamese at the beginning level or above.  
    • Click Here to learn about eligibility requirements and to apply through SEASSI.