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Faculty Associates in Research

Cave Pearls in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

In an effort to forge collaborative relationships with Southeast Asian specialists at educational institutions throughout the region, SEAP invites area scholars to join our Faculty Associates in Research (FAR) Program. Membership in the SEAP FAR program includes:

  • SEAP will facilitate access to the Cornell University Library-including the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia located in Kroch Library. The Echols Collection is home to more than 337,000 titles pertaining to Southeast Asia, including: 308,000 monographs, 29,000 serial titles, 2,000 sound recordings, and 1,350 videos. The Echols Collection is widely regarded as the foremost collection of materials on Southeast Asia in the United States.
  • Notification of upcoming lectures, conferences, symposia, and artistic exhibitions sponsored by the Southeast Asia Program.
  • Inclusion in the SEAP Program Directory and website.
  • A complimentary copy of the SEAP bulletin.

If you are interested in joining the Southeast Asia FAR Program at Cornell, please download a copy of the FAR application by clicking on the PDF. Kindly e-mail the FAR form along with your curriculum vitae to . You may also print the form (and use the back if you need additional space) and send it, along with your CV, via mail or fax to: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Outreach, 640 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850 fax: 607-254-5000.

Please note that this is a regional network, and membership is extended to those currently residing in the Northeaster United States. If you are outside of the region and wish to be involved with the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell, please contact to be put on our listserve. 

To view a current list of out FAR members, click HERE.