Co-sponsorship for Cornell Departments

SEAP is able to provide small amounts of co-sponsorship funding and advertising on its web calendar and list-serve (via our weekly e-newsletter) to Cornell University departments in support of lectures or events that are related to Southeast Asia or have some Southeast Asian content.

To qualify for co-sponsorship funding, the applicant department must:

1.    Complete and submit the on-line SEAP Application for Co-sponsorship.

2.    Provide the Southeast Asia Program with publicity items (flyer, poster, etc.) listing the Southeast Asia Program as a co-sponsor  

Upon submission of a successful application, the applicant will be provided with an e-mail outlining the funding pledged in support of the activity or event. This funding will be made available only after the successful completion of the activity or event.

To receive funds the applicant must:

1.    Complete and submit in full the Event Report

Funding will be dispersed within 5-10 business days of receipt of a fully completed report.