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Activity 4: Cambodian Dance

To address the questions on dance, show the video of Hanuman and Sanchuma ("The Monkey and the Mermaid"). This video was filmed at Cornell and demonstrates Cambodian dance. The fairy tale, "The Monkey and the Mermaid", is narrated by a PhD student.

1. Display the monkey mask (found in the kit).

2. Discuss the importance of dance in the culture.

3. Experiment with Cambodian dancing in the classroom. We were lucky to have some Cambodian students colunteer to show us different Cambodian dance steps. However, the video allows time for students to try some dance steps doen by Hanuman.

4. To extend lessons on Cambodian dance, show parts of the video "The Tenth Dancer" (found in kit).

a. Begin the video at the point where the Cambodian dance teacher discusses how she saved Cambodian dance music during the time of Pol Pot.

b. Stop video after dancers perform for the prince. Note: There are other parts of the video you may want students to view.