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About SEAP Publications

Mission Statement

Southeast Asia Program Publications operates under the auspices of the Southeast Asia Program. Its mission is to make available to an interested international clientele—including academics, business leaders, governmental agencies, and NGOs—a wide variety of scholarly and language texts at the lowest possible cost.

History of SEAP Publications

Southeast Asia Program Publications at Cornell University publishes and distributes academic books and a semi-annual journal on Indonesia, seeking to make scholarship on Southeast Asia widely available to interested readers.

Books are divided into four main series. The Studies on Southeast Asia Series (SOSEA) is made up of substantial scholarly books, essay collections, and monographs, usually in the fields of history, anthropology, or political studies.

The Southeast Asia Program Series (SEAPS) was conceptualized as a successor to the earlier Southeast Asia Program Data Papers Series, which began publication in 1951. These books offer current research by young scholars.

Cornell Modern Indonesia Project

The Cornell Modern Indonesia Project was initiated in 1956 with translations of significant documents and literature concerned with modern Indonesia. This series includes many translations of primary source materials, along with original studies of the nation's contemporary political events and the evolution of its government through the twentieth century.

Language Books

Cornell offers instructional language textbooks for students of Indonesian, Cambodian, Pilipino, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The Journal Indonesia

Indonesia is a semi-annual journal, begun in April 1966, that deals with Indonesia's politics, economics, religions, language studies, literature, and arts.  The journal's archives are now available on the internet at:

Desk and Exam Copies

An examination copy of any publication is available to those considering the book for course adoption. Please consult the Cornell University Press guidelines on requesting a desk or exam copy:

Review Copies for Media

If you would like to receive a review copy of a SEAP title, please submit your request to Please be sure to include the author(s) and title of the book you are requesting, as well as the publication or media outlet for which you work, along with a mailing address and phone number.

Standing Orders

When a new title is released, a quote will be sent to those on SEAP's standing-order customer list. Those customers who want the new title simply return the quote with proper payment to the SEAP Business Office. Others may disregard the quote. To be placed on the standing-order customer list for SEAP's new titles, send your request to Please include your organization's name, address, phone number, and fax number, and a contact person's name and email address.

Information for Authors

Authors are encouraged to contact the Managing Editor for information concerning the submission of manuscripts dealing with topics involving the history, politics, society, economics, culture (e.g., religion, art, ethnography), and language of Southeast Asian countries. Submissions may be published as books or in the semi-annual journal Indonesia as articles.